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Logis des Grainetiers Bed And BreakFast and Holiday House in Anjou, Loire Valley
In Anjou, on all roads it is a new discovery, a new emotion.
The architectural and cultural richness of the Anjou can not be denied:
You like to stroll and to savour the charm of a vivifying nature:

The Loire

The Layon
  • VYou love beautiful dwellings: castles, manors, abbeys are numerous.

Castle of Brissac

Castle of Saumur
  • You love history: Dolmen, Gallo-roman site, arenas etc awaits you.

Amphitheatre of Gennes

Dolmen of Bagneux
  • You like to relive the activities of former times: visit the mills, the troglodyte sites of tapped apples or the mushroom cultivation.

Visit the mushroom cultivation at Montsoreau

Mill of Basses-Terres aux Rosiers
  • You are a great gourmand: visit the vineyards and the restaurants of the surroundings, the are numerous and manifold.

The Clos des Roches at Grézillé

The vine
  • You like music, theatre, you will have the hardship of the choice. Among others

The Festival of Anjou at Plessis-Macè

The imagined encounters at the Abbaye de Fontevraud
Our accommodation site at Chemellier benefits from a remarkable touristic environment.
As we have shown above, the south-Saumur region is very favourable region for tourism.

=>In a radius of 10 to 20 km , the sites and activities are very manifold : 
-Troglodyte site of Orbière, caves of Caillière, Castle of Brissac
-Music at Cunault (“The musical hours”) and the castle of Pimpean
-Hiking on foot, by bike, with a horse or donkey, in a cart in the forest massif of Gennes, Louerre, Milly  :
    The circuits are well-assigned, the locations of the different ways of locomotion are assured
-Fishing in lakes or in the Loire, boat tours
-Swimming in the pond of Grézillé or in the swimming pool
-Troglodyte restaurants, restaurants at the watersides of the Loire (St. Mathurin)


River navigation of the Loire
=> In a radius of 25 to 30 Km, the visits and the activities are various at Angers, Saumur, Doué-la-Fontaine, Corniche-des-Bords-de Loire towards Chalonnes etc.

Troglodyte site of the Fosse – Doué-la-Fontaine

Cadre noir of Saumur
=> In a radius of 50 km, Fontevraud, Montsoreau, La Flèche, etc

Le Puy du Fou

The Atlantic Ocean
=> In a radius of 100 to 150 km : the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, Le Puy du Fou, the Futuroscope at Poitiers etc.

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Chantal Archaux, Logis des Grainetiers, rue Henri Bouriché, 49320 CHEMELLIER, FRANCE - tel: (33)2 41 45 52 75
The heart of Anjou has portee of hand. The logis des grainetiers is a stone tourist domain of tuffeau, its rooms (bed and breakfast), its gite and its reception hall are built on a troglodytic site nested in the heart of the Loire valley The rural gite and the rooms (bed and breakfast) are grouped together within the Logis des Grainetiers domain Gite rural et chambres d'hotes en anjou. Clé Vacances Label vignobles et decouvertes Rendez-vous troglos